The Pacific Surfliner Train At The Santa Barbara Amtrak Station

The Pacific Surfliner Train At The Santa Barbara Amtrak Station

Take Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner train and enjoy stunning ocean views on California’s coastline.  The train route starts at San Luis Obispo and travels all the way down to San Diego with stops all along the coastline, including Santa Barbara, Burbank, Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Clemente and Carlsbad.  The experience on this train is so enjoyable, one will never want to set foot in an airport or commercial jet liner again.  If one does need to fly, the Burbank train station is conveniently located directly across the street from the Burbank Bob Hope Airport.

Ocean Views From The Upper Deck

Ocean Views From The Upper Deck

Boarding and exiting the train is quick since the stops in each station are very short.  The ride is smooth and quiet as the train glides by the stunning views of the Pacific coastline and the rocky terrain in the Simi Valley.  While the train is en-route, the conductor will walk through the train and ask for tickets, which can be purchased conveniently online at

Rocky Terrain North of Los Angeles

Rocky Terrain North Of Los Angeles

The train itself is a double-decker affair, with the best views being on the upper level.  In business class, the seats are roomy with lots of leg room, headrests and footrests.  There are AC electrical outlets at every seat and wifi for your laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

California sparkling wine on board the train

California Sparkling Wine On Board The Train

Complimentary pastries and non-alcoholic beverages are offered on board and there is also a cafe where hot sandwiches and alcohol can be purchased.  In the cafe, panini sandwiches, salads, burgers, beer, wine, cocktails and even splits of California sparkling wine are available at reasonable prices.  The cafe menu is available online.

In addition to all the amenities, the train crew members are friendly, helpful and actually smiling.  One gets the feeling they enjoy their work.

When on the west coast, give the Pacific Surfliner train a try.  It’s a most pleasant and civilized way of traveling. Tickets are available at