My insurance agent told me about a restaurant in the neighborhood (Park Hill, Denver) called “Tables“, so we decided to check it out and have dinner there last night.  What a great experience!  From the reservations to the fantastic dessert, everything was pleasant and top-notch.

Coming from Atlanta, we really don’t expect much in customer service or restaurant food quality, so we’re still suprised and excited when things go well in Denver.  Although, it seems things often go well in Denver.  The voice message I left at the restaurant requesting a reservation was promptly returned by Amy and we were able to get a table for two at 8:15pm.  I told Amy we had just moved into the neighborhood and had heard great things about her restaurant.

We walked to the restaurant in the snow (only four blocks) and Amy greeted us warmly upon arrival.  She knew just who we were and she even helped Lee untangle his pull-cord on this coat.  Don’t ask me how he got that thing tangled up like that.  Anyway, we were seated right away at a cute drop-leaf table for two right by the front window.  The place is very quaint and cozy, yet energetic with noise from conversation.  What a relief not to have music blasting so loud that conversation is impossible.

Our server soon had our favorite martinis on the table and we perused the menu.  To start, Lee chose the Caesar salad and I chose the baby spinach, candied walnuts, pear, blue cheese crumbles & cranberry vinaigrette.  The greens were exceptionally fresh and my salad tasted just like I thought it would based on the menu description — delicious.

For our main course, we both chose the New York strip, cheddar mashers, spicy-hatch green chili sauce & Hollandaise. The steaks were exceptional: buttery, cooked exactly as ordered, great flavor with just the right amount of chew.  The two sauces were genius: creamy Hollandaise on one side of the plate with the spicy chili sauce on the other.  The potatoes were very cheesy, smooth and heavenly.  A few haricot ver accompanied the dish to provide a bit of green crunch.  Essentially, there were lots of flavors and textures on the plate to entertain the palate; yet each item was good enough to stand on it’s own.  Together, they all created a great concert.

Now comes the finale.  The dessert selections were written on a big chalkboard above the bar.  So, I decided I needed to try the “Double Chocolate S’mores”.  I can’t convey to you in writing how good this dessert was — possibly the best dessert I’ve ever had in a restaurant.  It was crunchy (Graham crackers) and creamy (house-made marshmallows) with a sublime gooey thick chocolate center.  Even Lee ate half of it and he rarely eats dessert.

Overall, it was a fantastic evening out for us.  Amy made us feel very welcome and the service was very good.  The food was excellent.  We’ll be going to Tables in Park Hill often.

On the walk home, all I could think about was that dessert and when I might have it again.