There’s just no end to internet- and phone-based scams these days.  This article describes a new method called “vishing” where the criminals call folks on their voice-over-ip phones (Vonage / Comcast / Skype /et al) and prompt the user to “call back” a toll-free number because of a problem with their credit card / bank account / whatever-they-can-steal-money-from account.  In other words, only dial the number that is on your bank- or credit card statement (or on the back of your credit card) to communicate with your financial institutions.  Don’t dial any number that is left via a voice mail message or any number that is given to you from an “auto-call” or “robo-call” system.  The basic rule is:  never give out any personal information to someone who calls you.

Here’s the original article on Yahoo Tech: