Bellagio Lemon Twist, originally uploaded by Paul Myrick.

We’re at Bellagio now and they are very consistent in making lemon twists for cocktails. I’m impressed! I asked one of our bartenders if they had a specialist making the lemon twists and he replied, “Yeah, there’s a couple of guys who do them here.” And then, he took the time to demonstrate how to carve out a lemon twist! First, cut off each end of a lemon, then use a teaspoon to take out the pulp of the lemon. Next, slice open the cleaned-out rind on one side only and roll it like a Tootsie roll. Then cut on the diagonal to create lemon twists! I’ll be trying those instructions when I get back to Atlanta.

Whoops!  I forgot — I’m swearing off alcohol for the next two weeks (until Nov. 17th) since I need to lose 20 pounds.  No, I don’t expect to lose 20 pounds in two weeks, but last time I skipped alcohol for a week, I lost six pounds.  Ah well, maybe I’ll cut up some lemon twists anyway.

What’s magical about Nov. 17th?  Well, our wonderful neighbors and friends, Randall & Lisa, are having a dinner party that night and the chef from La Tavola is preparing the meal in their home.  Of course, cocktails and wine will be served throughout!