In my attempt to be more earth-friendly this week (month, year, century), I discovered bio-degradable poop bags and cat pan liners. Incidentally, this discovery was made while searching for dimmable PAR38 CFL bulbs for our recessed can lighting. How I went from light bulbs to poop is puzzling, but it happened.

Anyway, I’m trying in earnest to get away from the plastic grocery bags that don’t break down in land refills for 1,000 years even though they are really useful for picking up dog poop and for disposing of kitty litter scoopings. However, according to the folks at BioBag, those convenient plastic grocery bags actually “mummify” the poop and preserve it for a very long time.  BioBag claims their corn-based bags actually decompose within 10-45 days of exposure to earth’s elements; but, they are shelf stable like paper plates and paper towels.  More information about BioBags can be found at

I’m going to give BioBags a try and write a review in a future post.  Happy Earth Week!

*** UPDATE – 09-08-2008 ***

The bags work OK, but our local pet store only had the small ones.  Believe me, you don’t want to deal with Golden Retriever size poop with a small bag. 🙁