To kickstart my diet, I decided to do the Arden’s Garden 2-Day Detox.  Day 1 (yesterday) was difficult, because I was having intermittent cravings for basically any kind of food that crossed my mind.  My energy level was low by mid-afternoon and it pretty much stayed that way until I finally went to bed around 10:45pm.  BTW … Lee decided to have a 4 oz. martini every time I had my hourly detox juice in the evening hours.

I woke up this morning (day 2) with a headache and felt very sluggish.  Lee says my eyes look puffy.  Sounds like a hangover, right?  It felt like one, too!  I had two cups of black coffee this morning while thinking, “coffee is a powerful antioxidant.”  Sorry, but nothing is going to make me give up coffee.

Hopefully, I’ll finish the second gallon of detox juice by nightfall and be able to have a small meal tonight.  Tomorrow, I’ll resume my running regimen.  After the detox, I’m going to do a low-carb, low fat diet.  Which means I’ll be eating about 5 small meals a day since I’ll be hungry all the time.  Oh well, no pain, no gain — er, loss.