marbro dutch lamp

I purchased this table lamp in an antique shop on Colfax Avenue in Denver a few days ago for $12.00.  Today, I noticed a half-torn sticker on the metal thing where the bulb screw in that says “Issue No. 7167 Marbro lamp Co. Los Angeles, Cal.”.  While searching on the internet for information about the lamp, I found this article on the Marbo Lamp Company:

Marbro Lamp Company was founded by Morris Markoff and his brother, hence the name Marbro from Markoff brothers. They started the company shortly after WWII. The company was located in a 3 story brick building in the garment district of Los Angeles, just south of downtown right by the Santa Monica Freeway. During the time they ran the company, they sold almost as many antiques as they did lamps. Read the rest of the article here …

The original silk shade (with green velvet trim) came with the lamp and I’ve decided to continue to use it; although, it is showing signs of dry-rot.

I’m excited that my lamp may actually be worth quite a bit more than $12.00!  Look for me on Antiques Roadshow!  LOL!