My partner and I really enjoy dining at Enoteca Carbonari at 3rd and Peachtree in Midtown, Atlanta, GA.  While Enoteca Carbonari is an Italian restaurant, there are not lots of pasta dishes buried in tomato sauce on the menu.  In fact, there are probably only three pasta dishes on the entire menu and only one dish has a Bolognese sauce.  Their specialty is the finest meats, simply grilled to perfection.  The service is always great (ask for Geno) and the atmostphere is dark, warm and romantic.  They are usually busy with the Fox pre-theater crowd whenever there’s a show, but after 8pm the place quiets down.  Some of my favorites on the menu are:

  • Meat & Cheese Antipasto
  • Beet Salad (one order is enough for two to share)
  • Grilled Sausage & Rapini
  • Steak (trust me — any steak on the menu will be excellent)
  • Mixed Grill (for two or four)
  • Frito Misto (lightly fried seafood platter)

 It’s beyond my comprehension as to why this place is not standing-room only every night since the food quality and service are both so very good.  We took our worldly friend Robin Davis there for dinner one evening and she loved it!  She said it was absolutely as good as any restaurant she’d been to in Italy.  In fact, the restaurant is owned by an Italian and the cooks are Italian so the food is authentic.

The website (looks a bit unfinished) is located at