We had another fantastic meal at Tables restaurant last Friday evening.  Denver weather forecasters were all saying we would only see a few flakes of snow on Friday; however, about 7:45pm, a mini-blizzard hit!  Our reservations were for 8pm, so we trodded four blocks through the storm and arrived at the restaurant totally coated in snow.  No matter — we just shook it off, sat down and drank martinis.

For dinner, I had:

  • Baby spinach, pecans, banana, apricots, bacon & black pepper-pineapple dressing.  This salad was excellent:  salty, sweet, crunchy, chewy — a perfect combination of textures and flavors.
  • Braised spiced lamb shank, curried sweet potatoes & winter veggies.  Also and excellent dish:  falling off the bone tender, succulent lamb shank (with no strong lamb-y taste — think osso bucco) with a hearty rich red-wine type sauce; whipped sweet potatoes (very light); tiny carrots and squash.

Lee had:

  • The special soup:  Sweet potato & turnip soup.  I had one spoonful of this soup and it was heavenly:  creamy and flavorful — the flavors go very well together in soup — seems so very southern to me even though I’m in the wild, wild west.
  • New York strip, blue cheese mashers, black pepper-Zinfandel demi & charred red onions.  I didn’t get a bite of this, but the steak is always perfect at Tables.  It looked great and Lee looked like he was totally enjoying it.

For dessert, I indulged once again in the double chocolate s’mores — the dessert I dream about.

The hospitality from Amy and service by Kristin were top-drawer, as always.  Mike, who works at Tables, was very kind to give us two lamb shank bones he had saved for his dog.  Rocco & Romeo (our Golden Retreivers) went wild for the bones!

I asked Amy (of the husband and wife team who own Tables) where her husband, Dustin, went to culinary school.  She said they both attended Johnson & Wales*; he in Denver, she in Vail.  Amy also told us that she invented the spinach salad that I enjoyed.  What a team!  And how fortunate we are to have such a good restaurant so close by our home.

* Note regarding Johnson & Wales: I have noticed that in cities where a Johnson & Wales school exists, the restaurants tend to turn-out excellent food. Providence, Rhode Island comes to mind as they too have a Johnson & Wales school. I remember having very good culinary experiences in Providence some years ago.

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