la vieille ferme wine label aka chicken wine

This is a very tasty, yet inexpensive, French rosè that my friend and neighbor (and dentist) Lisa turned me on to.  It’s fruity, yet not sweet — and Lee tasted it and even says he likes it.  It is very refreshing in a tumbler over ice during the summer time.  For winter, I’ll just be drinking it straight.  Rosè is a good alternative for people like me who avoid red wine due to all the histamines.  I puff up like a balloon after drinking red wine these days, but I get bored with white wine all the time.  A double-size bottle (screw cap) sells in Atlanta for around $13.00.  I’m not sure if this wine is available nationwide since alcohol distribution tends to vary greatly from state-to-state.

BTW, my friend Lisa just calls this stuff “chicken wine”.