going green

Since we arrived in Denver, we’ve tried to embrace and participate in the green movement to help protect the environment. Admittedly, it is easier to be green in Denver than it is in other places. The city really does recycle and provides snazzy purple hurbie-curbies for items than can be recycled. All Denver grocers have reusable bags available to purchase for .99 cents. And, there is even an eco-friendly lawn care service available.

This week I’ve been able to do the following green things:

  1. bought reusable grocery bags (now if I could just remember to put them back in the car for use at the store on the next trip)
  2. rode my Vespa scooter to the grocery store (fun, fun, fun)
  3. used the Clean Air Lawn Care service to maintain the lawn (all electric equipment, no gas fumes)

Now, if I could only warm up to those non-dimmable, unflattering CFL (compact flourescent light) bulbs …