Take a look at the Voodoo Donut website (located in Portland, Oregon)!  I really would like to try some of their tasty inventions such as:

  • Maple Bacon Donut (appears to be a rectangular donut with maple glaze and two pieces of crispy bacon on top)
  • Dirt Donut (raised donut covered with vanilla glaze and Oreo cookies)
  • Arnold Palmer Donut (cake donut covered with lemon and tea powder)
  • Triple Chocolate Penetration (chocolate donut, chocolate glaze and cocoa puffs)
  • Butter Fingering (Devil’s Food, vanilla and crushed Butterfinger) 

I mean, if you’re gonna have a donut, you might as well have one of these over-the-top things.  AND, evidently they perform wedding ceremonies beneath the “holy donut” and a velvet painting of Isaac Hayes!