The Masked Singer tv show on Fox is my latest guilty pleasure.  Yes it’s cheesy.  From Nick Cannon’s silly turban to the B-list celebrity judges to the secret singers in fantastic costumes, it’s all just mindless fun.

First let’s talk about the host Nick Cannon.  What the heck is up with his hair?  It’s like a really bad shape:  kind of flat on top with sides that remind me of Bozo the Clown hair.  And his suits are fitted so badly — some of them look like they have some sort of weird padding around the shoulders and back of the neck. 

Jenny McCarthy needs to stop with the lip gloss refreshing while on camera.  Is that supposed to be entertaining?  I’ll bet she puts on lipstick while sitting at the dinner table at The Ivy in Beverly Hills.  Oh well, she was shacking up with Jim Carrey at one point, so maybe that explains it.

Ken Jeong:  the very definition of ham.

Nicole Scherzinger:  actually very pretty; not very talented in the music department.  And everyone keeps asking her if the “masked singer” is a professionally trained singer.  What?  Ok, she fronted The Pussycat Dolls, but she can’t sing.  She tried to sing acapella on about episode four of The Masked Singer and failed miserably.  I admit I have enjoyed shaking my booty to a Pussycat Dolls song or two while walking through The Pussycat Dolls section of the Caesars Palace casino.  Even more guilty pleasures admitted here.

Robin Thicke:  some talent there.  He can sing — probably would win a karaoke contest hands down.  But why does he have those huge bags under his eyes and why does he look so bloated for an early 40-something year old?  Vodka, maybe?

Anyway, I think the show is much fun and I’ll probably watch another episode (or three) on Hulu tonight.  Here’s a video featuring “The Bee” singing “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt.