The Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching (faster than I need it to) and here’s the menu:


  • zucchini pancakes topped with sour cream and chives (adapted from zucchini pancake recipe by Ina Garten, from her book: Barefoot Contessa At Home)
  • thick-cut potato chips topped with chevre, mild red pepper jelly and crispy bacon crumbles (from Food & Wine magazine, November 2007 issue, pg. 98)
  • pan-fried polenta slices topped with salsa


  • roasted turkey
  • crown roast of pork w/garlic & rosemary
  • Lee’s Italian sausage stuffing
  • roasted garlic-parmigiano broccoli (pg. 104, Food & Wine magazine, November 2007 issue)
  • sweet potatoes with apple butter (pg. 114, Food & Wine magazine, November 2007 issue)
  • simple tossed salad of mixed greens with balsamic vinaigrette
  • green pea salad (my own recipe)


  • open for guests to provide

We’re expecting eight to 10 people, so we’ll serve dinner buffet style around 8pm.  Cocktails will be served throughout.