Here’s another article in the New York Times about Atlanta’s ongoing water crisis.  I have just a few things to say about this situation:

  1. Unbridled urban sprawl (McMansion, McMansions, McMansions in Alpharetta) for years, which was originally caused by the “white flight
  2. Absolutely zero planning and foresight by Atlanta (and southeastern region) politicians — all they care about is increasing tax revenues and building yet more roads upon which they can drive their super-polluting SUVs.  Didn’t they think we’d need some water for all this?
  3. The average greater Atlanta-metro citizen couldn’t care less about the environment — again, just give ’em their gas-hogging SUV and they’ll be fine

I moved into the Midtown neighborhood of Atlanta in 1991 and really enjoyed the city then, but over the past five years or so, there has been a distinct change in the mood.  The city has become much more crowded and people are generally unpleasant to each other.  Now, we have had some improvements:  there’s much less petty crime and we have more services and shopping in-town.  Although, Atlanta is the most over-retailed city in the country.

Maybe I’ve changed.  I’m sure I have.  These days, I have little patience for stupidity and just won’t suffer fools gladly.  And we seem to have plenty of fools in Atlanta.

On to seemingly better places:  We’re moving to Denver, Colorado during the first week of December and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  It’s time for a much needed change and breath of fresh air!  And, literally, we’ll be getting some fresh air since Denver has some of the best air quality in the country, thanks to their environmental protection planning and foresight.  I’ll be posting more comments on our move to Denver in the near future.