Today I took our pair of Golden Retrievers to a Denver vet for the first time.  Although the dogs are not experiencing any medical problems, we discovered that in Colorado most grooming and boarding facilities require Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccinations every six months.  In Atlanta, this particular vaccination was only required once per year.  I decided to give Firehouse Veterinary a try since they are located nearby.  Their website says they have a mobile medical petcare service — and to quote their website, “are even there during the most difficult times to provide at home euthanasia and related services”.  We certainly could have used that particular service when when our cat passed away last year.  Who wants to take an elderly and fatally sick, dying animal to a clinic for their last breath?

Back to a more cheerful subject:  What a great experience we had!  First of all, making the appointment was quick and easy and the lady I spoke with on the phone was most pleasant and helpful. 

When we arrived at their new, sleek, spacious office on Colfax at Glencoe, I was offered Daz Bog coffee while we waited.  In a few short minutes, a vet tech greeted us and introduced herself — very nice and professional.  She took us to our great exam room, which had floor-to-ceiling windows so the dogs could watch the traffic zoom by on Colfax.  After a thorough interview by the vet tech, Dr. Miller came into the exam room and greeted us.  Rocco was barking like mad, but she was very patient and attentive.  She also took the time to answer my questions and had a great doggie bedside manner during both exams.  Incidentally, Dr. Miller has 20 years of veterinary medicine experience.

When it was time to check-out, the receptionist/cashier offered to mail us complimentary personalized metal-stamped dog id tags, plus she gave me a bottle of wine for being a new client!  What??? Wine???  At the vet???  I love it!!!  I needed some wine after Rocco’s crazy barking* during the entire visit.

If you live in the Denver area (especially Park Hill), don’t hesitate to take your pooch to Firehouse Veterinary on Colfax.  Heck, I can’t wait to go again!  It was more fun for me than for the dogs!  LOL!

* Rocco always barks constantly when he’s taken to the vet — or in any unfamiliar place.  The receptionists at the Atlanta vet’s office always seemed to be irritated with his constant barking. I try my best to quiet him down with petting and talking but that doesn’t always work. The wait times in Atlanta, even with an appointment, were almost always long. At Firehouse, the ladies at the reception desk just said, “Oh, let him talk — he has something to say!” I thought, “What a difference!”