1. Adding music to their blog that automatically starts playing:  It is incredibly irritating to hear Mariah Carey start singing “… if there’s a camera up in here …” on a food-related blog first thing in the morning.  Heck, it’s incredibly irritating to hear Mariah Carey’s latest song at any time considering the bad grammar and subject matter.  It’s OK to list the song on your blog or talk about it, but let me decide if I want to hear your current favorite song.  Note to the “Food Network Musings Blog”:  Your music playing this morning caused me to dump your link and bookmark in the trash can.
  2. Posting images on their blog that don’t belong to them:  Posting images without the photographer’s permission, whether by link or by direct uploading and imbedding, is stealing.
  3. Posting full text of articles without credit to the author and/or without permission from the author:  Again, this is stealing.