We decided to give Tomayo a try last evening in Denver since I was in the mood for something Mexican.  I was really thinking about Tex-Mex, rather than upscale Mexican cuisine.  But it was the only place nearby our hotel other than Qdoba (fast food).  Basically, the menu and concept is a low-budget, low-style knock-off of New York based Rosa Mexicana, but the prices are about the same.  While the food was good, our server was totally inexperienced (her first night on the job) and she just couldn’t seem to get anything right (didn’t know the menu, wrong appetizer delivered to the table, entrees delivered before salads, then salads were brought in the middle of eating our entrees).  We we’re really nice to her; however, the restaurant manager came by to ask how everything was going and my partner told him it was just average.  Then (as seems usual for Denverites) the manager seemed alarmed and wanted to know what was wrong.  We just mentioned our server was a bit confused.  The next thing we see is our server crying and then the manager comes back and says our drinks are on the house.  He then tells us our server is in training.  Well, Mr. Manager, you don’t put someone “in training” out on their own the first day on the job in an upscale restaurant.  Again, I’m wondering if these people are all high?