Had a date with Brian (from Bumble). He lives in northwest Charlotte, so I suggested we meet at Red Rocks Cafe in Birkdale Village, rather than traveling all the way to Uptown or Dilworth. I got there 15 minutes early and ordered my standard Tito’s martini with a twist of lemon. He arrived on time and did look like his photos. He ordered a Bud Lite. Nothing says cheap and boring like Bud Lite. There was the standard chit chat: where are you from, how long have you been here, what do you do for work, etc. He’s never had a pet. And he’s going on and on about his teenage nephews from St Louis that he refers to as his kids. They’re coming for a two week visit soon, so he purchased a car load of soda pop and junk food at Sams Club. Then I find out he’s a picky eater and could eat Mexican food every day. Chips and salsa are his favorite. Yay —not. He totally turned up his nose at the suggestion of calamari for an appetizer. We settle on queso spinach dip and tortilla chips. He says something about how he loves visiting New York. I ask, “What’s your favorite restaurant?” I’m thinking Manhattan. He babbles on about spending time in the boroughs and some weird sounding Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn. What the hell? Then it comes out that he’s cold all the time and just loves the heat of summer. In fact, he said he’s never hot. Over. Check please.