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Merry Christmas Coffee Mug For 2016 Now Available

Here's a very merry Christmas coffee mug created on Zazzle for this holiday season which features photography by Paul Myrick. Gift yourself and enjoy your coffee or tea while wondering about what that little elf is up to. Coffee mugs make great gifts for co-workers,...

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Paul’s Spooky 31 Days Of Halloween Movies List 2016

Here's my spooky Halloween movies list for 2016 -- one for each night of October. In the "how to watch" column, here's the meaning of the codes:  N=Netflix, ND=Netflix DVD only, AV=Amazon Video, AVP=Amazon Video + Prime, ATV=Apple TV, B=Blu-ray, D=DVD ...

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Pumpkin Spice Latte – Calorie Count

Ahhhh, autumn. The time of year when the weather turns cool and crisp (unless you're in the deep south) and we all get mad for pumpkin spice lattes. This is just a friendly reminder to everyone about the calories contained in that special treat. In many cases, one...

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Ashley Wilkes Cocktail In Vegas

Ashley Wilkes Cocktail In Vegas, originally uploaded by Paul Myrick. Sent from my iPhone.  Wow!  I figured out how to send photos directly from my iPhone to by blog! Robin Davis' Atlanta drink invention has made it to Vegas! 1 part Makers Mark (shaken), topped with 1...

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The Ashley Wilkes Cocktail

Ashley Wilkes Cocktail, originally uploaded by Paul Myrick. Photo is Copyright © 2007 Paul Myrick. For licensing information, please contact the author. Invented by Robin Davis; styled and photographed by Paul Myrick. Add 4 oz. bourbon to martini shaker with ice and...

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Improvements in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop Since 2008

Here's an example of the improvements in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop since 2008.  This image was shot in camera raw in 2008; however, in my post processing, I just couldn't seem to crop to the falcon without seeing a lot of unwanted noise.  My photograph was not...

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Delicious Dining – Restaurants in Sorrento, Italy

One of the most marvelous things about Italy is the quality of the food and the restaurants in Sorrento do not disappoint. Of course, traditional pasta and pizza abound for the tourist crowd looking for the basics, but fine dining and special treats are also available...

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Denver To Sorrento, The Long Way!

On New Year’s Eve, we discovered round trip airfare in mid-April from Newark International to Milan, Italy for about $500 per person, so we booked the tickets without an actual travel plan. We just knew we wanted to go to Italy in April. When March arrived, it was...

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Homemade Bread Recipe – Easy And Rustic

This easy homemade bread recipe produces a rustic round loaf with a delicious yeast flavor and a nice crust.  Just mix it up the night before baking and there'll be fresh warm bread in the morning - no kneading necessary. ** UPDATE 08/26/2016 ** An updated version of...

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Las Vegas – The Best Of The Strip

Visiting Las Vegas for the first time can be quite overwhelming.  There are the lights, the sounds, the massive casino resort hotels that go on forever, the crowds on the sidewalks, the jumbotrons, the drinks, the slot machines, the music - it all combines to cause...

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Cole Slaw Recipe – Mississippi Fish Camp Style

This cole slaw recipe brings back childhood memories of Friday nights at Mississippi fish camps.  The slightly tangy and slightly sweet cole slaw was always served first before the fried fish, french fries and hush puppies.  Saltine crackers in individual cellophane...

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Tuna Cakes Recipe

This tuna cakes recipe is perfect for a party appetizer or dinner entrée.  I've served them to guests many times with the wasabi remoulade sauce and there are never any cakes left over. Tuna Cakes Recipe Nutrition Information Serving size: 54 g Calories: 113...

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