Disney-Inspired Candles?  Good Idea; Bad Approach.

Disney-Inspired Candles? Good Idea; Bad Approach.

Some poor misguided person has come out with what they call Disney-inspired scented candles in flavors such as Dole Whip, Haunted Mansion and Main Street Bakery.  Talk about trademark infringement!  And candles are such a liability lawsuit magnet — fire,...

Another scam: Vishing

There’s just no end to internet- and phone-based scams these days.  This article describes a new method called “vishing” where the criminals call folks on their voice-over-ip phones (Vonage / Comcast / Skype /et al) and prompt the user to “call...

The New York Times Butchers Sarah

In this article by The New York Times, they basically paint Sarah Palin as a near Nazi-type, vindictive, secretive dictator. At best, they make her and her husband sound a little power-mad. She’s playing with the big boys now — she can’t easily...

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