Hillary wins on sympathy vote!

Ha ha ha!  If these stupid campaign tactics continue, Hillary will win on a sympathy vote simply because the rest of the Democratic candidates can only ATTACK Hillary!  I’m laughing out loud!!!  Could they please just tell us, in an intelligent manner, what they...

Food Network Is No Longer About Food

Yes, it’s true.  Food Network is no longer about instructing people on how to prepare good food.  Believe it or not, watching a skilled chef prepare a dish is entertaining to some folks.  The channel has become the MTV of food.  Just as MTV is no longer about...
“Queen” Etiquette

“Queen” Etiquette

I’m becoming disturbed over the increasing use of the word “queen” by straight men.  They are actually using the word “queen” to address gay men!  Note to straight men:  this is not acceptable!  A couple of straight, in-town men were...

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